Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Mark Schultz

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status Copy #1 (1546): in
genre Sci-Fi
publisher Kitchen Sink Press
publish date November 1989
popularity checked out 2 time(s)


  • By David Czuba -

    A stylish graphic novel in the post-dystopian vein. Queen Hannah and Cadillac Jack brave the environment, reptiles, the weirdo goon squads, and their disparate world views to converge on the secret weapon. Schultz gives us so much of Hannah’s bust, ass and crotch with killer looks between she and Jack – even a well-placed hand by Hannah near Jack’s crotch – that you’d expect horny toads to pop out of a panel at any moment. Alas, that only happens with actual humanoid horny toads, and not the heroic characters themselves.

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