Theo Ellsworth

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genre Fantasy » WTFantasy?
publisher Secret Acres
publish date September 10, 2010
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  • By Kryss Adams -

    As a reward for finishing Capacity, there’s a little gnome that blesses every cup of tea that I drink, what an unexpected perk! The story is a journey into Theo Ellsworth’s subconscious, and I don’t want to spoil it for you beyond that. Brilliant!

  • By Roar RAWWRRR -

    Capacity is an excellent narrative of a metaphysical journey to access the many possibilities of imagination within one self without going crazy in the process. The not going crazy part is key. Interweaving biographical elements with delicious 4th wall breakdowns to include the reader in the story arc and, seasoned throughout with 7 compilations of short stories, Theo Ellsworth might just be looked back at in history as one of the greatest writers and illustrators of our time and this book is certainly one that can be used to establish him as such. Highly reccomend for anyone who enjoys graphic novels and the creative process to read thia.

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