Christopher Alexander: The Search for a New Paradigm in Architecture

Stephen Grabow

This book is something of an academic biography of Christopher Alexander. Good analysis of his theories as they developed. While the bulk of the text is by Grabow, written in academic style, there is quite a bit of what appears to be direct transcription or text of Alexander himself. If you’re an Alexander fan, this is the meat of the book. That said, it’s helpful to see Alexander’s theories illuminated by a third party, and Grabow does a good job. Still, it’s Alexander’s wonderful writing style – simple but profound – that got me through the whole book. I read it as I finished architecture school, and it was revelatory, especially Alexander’s discussion of his own experiences in school and his critique of architectural education. There is also an extensive bibliography and 60 pages of pictures at the end, a sort of collage of his work and life (There are also pictures throughout each chapter, illustrating the points therein)

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