Concrete Vol. 2: Heights

Paul Chadwick

For two decades, writer-artist Chadwick has explored human nature in his stories about Concrete, a gentle man whose intelligence aliens transplanted into a seven-foot, granitelike body possessed of astonishing strength and heightened senses. Unlike conventional superheroes, who battle costumed criminals or intergalactic foes, Concrete, aided by Larry Munro and biologist Maureen Vonnegut, uses his powers to save the world one small step at a time. Here he helps save a family farm and travels to Nepal to build a much-needed footbridge. He also takes advantage of his exceptional capabilities to enjoy unique experiences. After building the bridge, he climbs Everest solo. Chadwick had a firm grasp of Concrete’s character from the beginning, but in these stories, mostly from the series’ second year, he hit his stride, achieving a distinctive blend of thoughtful characterization and compelling plotting. His artwork is equally accomplished, including delicate lineation that complements the stories’ underlying humanity. Chadwick’s ecological concerns, which later assumed greater prominence, begin to manifest here in recognition of the small farmer’s plight and of deforestation in Nepal. Gordon Flagg

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genre Superhero » Alternative Heroes
publisher Dark Horse Comics
publish date Nov 29, 2005
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