Creative Choice in Hypnosis

Milton H. Erickson

Creative Choice in Hypnosis explores the following important questions through a presentation, never before published, of Erickson’s own hypnotic workshops and demonstrations:

Is hypnosis a process of manipulation or facilitation?
Does the hypnotherapist control people?
Or does the hypnotherapist simply give people permission to heal themselves?

This authoritarian-permissive paradox of hypnotherapy is most evident in Erickson’s use of the double bind. This volume takes the reader on a journey that recaptures Erickson’s evolution of the therapeutic double bind: from a technique based on an authoritarian concept of “illusory choice,” the book takes us to a modern vision of the double bind as a “free choice among comparable alternatives.” This new vision represents a profound shift in attitude: creative choice, not control or manipulation, is now fostered as the inherent agent of healing in psychotherapy.

Creative Choice in Hypnosis also builds an important bridge between East & West by illustrating the common denominator of the naturalistic utilization approaches to hypnosis in the West and the traditional Zen methods for achieving satori, or enlightenment, in the East.

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