Critical Path

R. Buckminster Fuller

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genre Utopian Studies » Architecture
publisher St. Martin's Griffin
publish date February 15, 1982
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  • By Future Man -

    This is one of the critical tomes of 20th century utopianism, part eco-futurist manifesto and part autobiography. One of the final texts written before his death, Bucky Fuller’s Critical Path covers an incredible scope in attempting to trace the development of human civilization up to 1980 and then make the case for a globalized and harmonious sustainable future for our species, and the path to get there.

    Fuller has a creative way of navigating English and often invents words or establishes new linguistic standards to frame things within his worldview. The style is funky, charming, heady, and personal; a nice tone for a text dealing with the necessary reorganization of the global economy to allow the survival of our species on “spaceship Earth”.

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