Cultural Slag

Felicia Lamport

Cultural Slag is a collection of light verse, prose pieces and black-humor drawings by the creators of Scrap Irony, a collaboration hailed by the New York Times as an “uncommonplace book of bright verse and lively prose.” Laughing over the absurdities of our times, Miss Lamport takes us from New your statues to foreign ruins, from Broadway abysses to transportation traps, from musical soup to political nuts. Flagrant indulgence in exotic words (did you know that larks flew not in common flocks but in exaltations?) is balanced by solid satire of our art forms, or critics and any cultural clinkers that have rolled her way.

Mr. Gorey’s style has been variously described as macabre, Edwardian, ghoulish, appropriately antic, superb, charming. To embellish this volume he has again created the perfectly right drawings that are treasures in themselves.

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genre Literature and Fiction » Poetry
publisher Edward Gorey
publish date 1961
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