D.I.Y. Magic

Anthony Alvarado

DIY MAGIC offers a series of reality hacks encompassing self-help, philosophy, psychology, and inspiration, that will help artists, writers, and any creative types find new sources of inspiration.

This is a book of magic. This is a book of mind hacks. This is a cookbook for creativity.

In DIY Magic, Anthony Alvarado provides readers with a collection of techniques for accessing deeper levels of creative thought—for hacking into their subconscious. From Salvador Dali’s spoon technique and ornithomancy (divination by crows), to bibliomancy and using (legal) stimulants, the exercises in this book will help anyone chasing the muse—from artists and musicians, to writers and more—as they tug at the strings of everyday reality and tap into the magic of their own minds.

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genre Magic » Chaos Magic
publisher Floating World Comics
publish date March 9, 2012
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  • By Kryss Adams -

    This book totally rewired my brain. There’s a spell for everyone, thought most of them basically come down to picking out symbols in every day life to use as tools for divination and sharpen your own intuition. I make a habit to talk to crows since reading this book, and they give solid advice.

  • By Aloe Bailey -

    Radically rewire your daily routines with this amazing guide to everyday acts of magic. There is an amazing spirit of designing your own practice, and provides plenty of spells to start with that anyone can do.

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