Alba Roja

San Francisco. Tomorrow. Dylan is a millennial, a tech-worker, and bored out of her mind. Ricky is the one brown guy in the office and the most talented of them all. Both work for Chad, the manager of the advertising department, and are forced to listen to his inane commands. Their job is to design colorful ads for the Childhood Memory Game. The game is owned by Bilton Smyth, an eccentric CEO with a penchant for racism and free-market capitalism. 400,000,000 users have downloaded the psychological memory game of labyrinths and monsters. Everyone makes a lot of money. Dylan lives in a luxury apartment. Ricky wears expensive clothes. And then Ricky is found dead. A flower native to California begins to blossom, a plant that feeds off insects and uses nectar as bait. Its name is Darlingtonia. Dylan must discover what it means.

status Copy #1 (6957): in
genre Adventure » Crime and Suspense
publisher Left Bank Books
publish date 2017
popularity checked out 4 time(s)


  • By Meg Duke -

    Cool present-day “dystopia” (aka reality) about the tech-surveillance mind-control cabal, written like an amateur mystery. If you can get past the writing (and the weird focus on food — every meal is detailed), the ideas are good.

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