Deciding for Ourselves

Cindy Milstein

In a time of social and ecological crises, people everywhere are looking for solutions. States and capitalism, rather than providing them, only make matters worse. There’s a growing sense that we’ll have to fix this mess on our own. But how? Deciding for Ourselves demonstrates, in the spirit of the Zapatistas, that the “impossible is possible.” A better world through self-determination and self-governance is not only achievable; it is already happening in urban and rural communities around the world — from Mexico to Rojava, and Denmark to Greece — as an implicit or explicit replacement for nations, police and other forms of hierarchical social control. This anthology explores contemporary examples of autonomous, directly democratic spaces and the real-world dilemmas they experience, all the while underscoring the egalitarian ways of life that are collectively generated in them.

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genre Anarchism » Anarchist Theory
publisher AK Press
publish date 2020
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