Deeper Thoughts in the Presence of God, Vol. 2

Makenneth Stoffer

This book is a true gift from God! For all of you seekers of wisdom, this book will give you the opportunity to discover your own soul on the deepest levels possible. This book is a very unique mix of metaphysical thought, spiritual wisdom, inspiration, self-discovery and spiritual practices, which will absolutely raise the vibrational levels of your soul experience here on the physical plane of existence. Makenneth Stoffer has been assigned the task of providing this information to you because of his incredible love for life, his limitless pursuit of spiritual growth and his dedication to the growth of The Wisdom Council. In every aspect of his writing you will find his desire to know God on a deeper level, hence the name Deeper Thoughts in the Presence of God was born from his soul, and the greater soul of this Wisdom Council. This book, and the volumes that will follow, will bring you more than a lifetime of spiritual growth.

status Lost
genre Spirituality » Contemporary Syncretic
publisher Makenneth Stoffer
publish date 2015
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