Desolation Angels

Jack Kerouac

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genre Literature and Fiction » Beat Generation
publisher Riverhead Books
publish date 1995
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  • By Jon Maurins -

    Jack picks up in Desolation Angels where he left off in Dharma Bums; working as a fire lookout at Desolation Peak in the nearby Cascade Mountains. However, his neurosis is seems much more pronounced in this book and I found myself feeling depressed at his consistent grimness. Nevertheless, it is a super interesting read, especially when you realize the extent to which Kerouac’s “fiction” is actually an autobiographical legend. There is no doubt that Kerouac suffered deeply the existential pains all of us encounter as conscious living beings, and he was able to capture these dark discoveries in words that when you read them, you are forced to confront the darkness that lives inside you, too. We are all “The Void”.

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