Discover the Power Within You: A Guide to the Unexplored Depths Within

Eric Butterworth

In this classic work, Eric Butterworth sees the divine within us all to be a hidden and untapped resource of limitless abundance. Exploring this “depth potential,” Butterworth outlines ways in which we can release the power locked within us and let our “light shine.”

“There is only one way under the sun by which a man can achieve his ‘Mt. Olympus’ — that is to say, achieve the realization and unfoldment of his own innate divinity — and that is by bringing about a radical and permanent change for the better in his own consciousness,” writes Butterworth.

Butterworth demonstrates that the existence of this divine dimension in each individual is the greatest discovery of all time. He explains the universality of such vital subjects as: how to succeed; how to pray; how to find confidence; how to overcome personal problems; and how to find healing. With insight and sensitivity, Butterworth opens new doors of self-knowledge, and outlines ways in which we can release the power within.

status Lost
genre Spirituality » Contemporary Syncretic
publisher HarperSanFrancisco
publish date July 17, 1992
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