Craig Becker; Sheri Berman; Wendy Brown; Matt Bruenig; David Cole; Michael Fortner; Marie Gottschalk; Susan Jacoby; Michael Kazin; Mike Konczal; Benjamin Kunkel; Joshua Leifer; Susie Linfield; David Marcus; Tressie McMillan Cottom; Charles Mills; Samuel Moyn; Katha Pollitt; Jedediah Purdy; Barbara Ransby; Dorothy Roberts; Marina Sitrin; Erica Smiley; Timothy Stewart-Winter; Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig; Michael Walzer; Rich Yeselson

Dissent is a quarterly publication of politics and culture that ranks among the handful of political journals read most regularly by U.S. intellectuals. A magazine of the left, Dissent is also a magazine of independent minds welcoming the clash of strong opinions. Each issue features reflective articles about politics in the U.S., incisive social and cultural commentary, plus the most sophisticated coverage of European politics to be found anywhere outside of Europe.

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genre Social Science » Sociology
publisher University of Pennsylvania Press
publish date 2015
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