Dreaming the Future: Reimagining Civilization in the Age of Nature

Kenny Ausubel

Few would deny that we are entering a period of great change. Our environment is collapsing. Social disruption abounds. All around, it seems, we are experiencing breakdown. But out of this chaos comes the opportunity for breakthrough-the opportunity to reimagine our future.

In Dreaming the Future, Kenny Ausubel leads us into that possible new world and introduces us to the thinkers and doers who are-sometimes quietly, sometimes not-leading what he calls “a revolution from the heart of nature and the human heart.”

In a collection of short, witty, poignant, even humorous essays, Ausubel tracks the big ideas, emerging trends, and game-changing developments of our time. He guides us through our watershed moment, showing how it’s possible to emerge from a world where corporations are citizens, the gap between rich and poor is cavernous, and biodiversity and the climate are under assault and create a world where we take our cues from nature and focus on justice, equity, diversity, democracy, and peace.

Even those steeped in the realities of a world gone wrong and efforts to right it will find refreshing, even surprising, perspectives in Dreaming the Future. It will come as no surprise to readers that Ausubel is cofounder of Bioneers-which foreword author David W. Orr describes as “one part global salon…one part catalytic organization.”Chelsea Green Publishing

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genre Activism and Human Rights » Peace Studies
publisher Chelsea Green Publishing
publish date August 28, 2012
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  • By Bill Svoboda -

    “Science-y but not too Science-y.” (And Highly Recommended)
    This book manages to say a tremendous amount in 190 pages- and does so in a very “read-able” way “Dreaming the Future” resonated in my mind with a good many other, previously read books – especially Charles Einsenstein’s “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible”- ( If you read them both together, I think you’d probably levitate or something). Both books are very useful for those striving to imagine what a better world would be like (including various specific details)….and as an antidote to the dystopianism sweeping our current world like a pandemic.

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