Dune – Dune Book 1

Frank Herbert

The greatest selling science fiction story of all time.

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genre Sci-Fi
publisher Ace Trade
publish date Aug 2, 2005
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  • By Kyle Beckhorn -

    This is an awesome book… Considered as one of the best Sci-Fi books of all time, and for good reason. The beginning 1/4 starts out slow, but builds the Dune-iverse and main characters. In the rest of the book, you’ll learn of all sorts of treachery and follow the two “Houses” (House Atreides and House Harkonen) as they plan to ruin each other and gain control of the infamous and cosmically expensive/rare “Spice Melange”, a drug that will alter one’s consciousness and drastically increase life expectancy… The only place you can get spice is on the small desert (Dune) planet Arrakis, which is where House Atreides has been relocated by the Emperor, in hopes that House Harkonen will undermine and eventually destroy the Atreides name.

    Arrakis (the Dune planet) is a very harsh, dry environment with few inhabitants, including mice, vultures, desert plants, and of course, worms the size of skyscrapers (who are somehow closely related to the Spice Melange…). Water is of ultimate worth on this planet, whereas elswhere in the galaxy, a briefcase of Spice Melange can purchase a planet.

    This is a great book. Best enjoyed with a glass of water… Trust me, it’ll enhance the experience.

  • By Sam Swicord -

    *The* classic sci-fi book. 🙂

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