Dungeon: Twilight Vol. 3: The New Centurions

Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim

The next 2 chapters in the decline of Dungeon. Terra Amata has exploded and the Dark Fortress of the Grand Khan needs to master the nitro tech. To that end, they hire Marvin the Red even as others plot malevolently… In the second episode, Marvin the dragon and Marvin the Red are trapped on a quickly revolving piece of the exploded planet, and must constantly run or fall off into oblivion!

status Copy #1 (618): in
genre Fantasy » Epic Fantasy
publisher NBM Publishing
publish date 2006
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  • By Nick Vassallo -

    Woah, we have movies in the library? Even if we don’t anymore, we should have this one! Just watched and cannot get out of its headspace or the gravitational pull of its emotions. Music is absolutely knock you on your back amazing. I nodded off for five minutes and when I woke up, suddenly it was a nonstop gas pedal pressed down going 110 fifty minutes of emotional and spiritual sensory nightmare, but somehow beautiful and somehow I don’t wish I didn’t see it and in fact find something remarkable and resounding and expressive in it, like if people got together and watched this movie it would be cathartic in seeing how humans are so vulnerable and can be so taken away by challenging spiritual forces in life like drugs or pain. Made me feel like we are all human and crave a certain kind of comfort you only find in the womb and that humans in general are still babes in the woods in a lot of ways and so be sympathetic to your fellow man and woman and thankful for rising above to the clearer waters. Really beautiful movie, with a soul of abandon, and an extremely powerful sensory experience. Direct on, Darren!

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