Endgame (& Act Without Words)

Samuel Beckett

Also known as “Fin de Partie”. Reviewed: “Mr. Beckett is a poet: and the business of a poet is not to clarify, but to suggest; to imply, to employ words with auras of association, with a reaching out toward a vision, a probing down into an emotion, beyond the compass of explicit definition. And this is exactly what the so dangerously simple dialogue of ‘Fin de Partie’ does… Mr. Beckett shows us a mystery outside the grasp of any other dramatist now writing…. The feeling which Mr. Beckett expresses on the stage is a note heard nowhere else in the contemporary drama. Beside his sorrow all the personal and political anguishes of an Anouilh, an Osborne or a Sartre are less than a crumpled rose leaf in the bed. He is without hope and without faith. But not without nobility; not without poetry; not without the balance and the beauty of rhythm. For that reason ‘Fin de Partie’, so mournful, so distraught, is a magnificent theatrical experience.” — Harold Hobson in The Sunday Times

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genre Performance Arts » Theater and Stageplays
publisher Grove Press
publish date June 16, 2009
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