Paul Pope, Shay Plummer

From the mind of three-time Eisner Award-Winner Paul Pope comes Escapo! Like a feverish mash-up of Fellini films, Heavy Metal magazine, and classic Jack Kirby comics, Escapo tells the tale of a circus escape artist extraordinaire, who can escape from any situation – even from Death himself! However, there is one force even more powerful than the Reaper which Escapo must face. A meditation on life, love, and mortality, Escapo is not to be missed! Originally published in 1999 and long out of print, the new Z2 edition of Escapo is fully colored and redesigned in the French BD format, featuring 50+ pages of bonus content. Included here is the rare two-page alternate ending, only seen in the French edition, as well as a new ten-page story and added pin-ups and sketchbook content by Paul.

status Copy #1 (7371): in
genre Sci-Fi
publisher Z2 Comics
publish date July 1, 2014
popularity checked out 4 time(s)


  • By Spencer ( Spenny ) Holmes -

    Escapo was fantastic. My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough of it, as often happens with graphic novels, the art and plot draw you in and when you’ve finished the story you suddenly feel locked out of a world you were just beginning to see. I particularly liked the heavy amount of detail in the design of Escapo’s performances and traps.

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