Even the Dead Rise Up

Francis McKee

In McKee’s first novel, observations of séances, scientific advances, group education outings, Kurdish protests for the ‘disappeared’, become mixed with his own Tarot influenced visions: a haunting spirit appears; the relation between political resistance and Spiritualism is cast as an insurrectionary force and a millenarian energy, celebrating the ecstatic moment.

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genre Adventure » Travel Stories
publisher Book Works
publish date 2017
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  • By Meg Duke -

    It’s like a travel diary with no descriptions of place — only people, and the rapid myriad of images, thoughts and anecdotes they bring with them. Something about anarchy, something about photography, something about mediums and communication with the beyond — beyond society and its norms. Topics explored are awesome, but not explored in any depth or sense. It was written in a weekend and it shows.

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