Ex Machina Vol. 1: The First Hundred Days

Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris, Tom Feister

Set in our modern-day real world, Ex Machina tells the story of civil engineer Mitchell Hundred, who becomes America’s first living, breathing superhero after a strange accident gives him amazing powers. Eventually tiring of risking his life merely to help maintain the status quo, Mitchell retires from masked crime-fighting and runs for Mayor of New York City, winning by a landslide. But Mayor Hundred has to worry about more than just budget problems and an antagonistic governor, especially when a mysterious hooded figure begins assassinating plow drivers during the worst snowstorm in the city’s history.

status Copy #1 (467): in
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genre Superhero » Alternative Heroes
publisher Wildstorm
publish date Feb 1, 2005
popularity checked out 32 time(s)


  • By Ben Owens -

    For anyone who enjoyed Y: The Last Man or The Escapist, Ex Machina is Brian K. Vaughan taking his talent to an entirely new level. One, because it’s his first self-published comic, he has no restrictions to what he can do in the story, and two, he got Tony Harris to draw every last panel in the beautifully realistic style he used for the covers of Starman. It’s a brilliant and unique combination of real-world post-9/11 politics and Watchmen-esque superhero politics that builds and twists in so many unexpected ways it will change your perspective of so-called “super heroes” forever. I’d write this rave of a review for every volume if I didn’t think it’d be tedious, but let me just say, though every volume is fantastic, volume 5 (Smoke Smoke) and volume 10 (Term Limits) stand out as exceptional.

  • By Sam Swicord -

    A great series. It manages to wrap up its large number of plotlines very well.

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