Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile

Bill Willingham, Lan Medina

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status Copy #1 (301): in
genre Fantasy » Urban Fantasy
publisher Vertigo
publish date Dec 1, 2002
popularity checked out 43 time(s)


  • By Ryan Schafer -

    Hmm it’s a cool premise but I wasn’t really diggin it. I like the idea of Fabletown, and all the Fairy Tale characters exiled from their native wold. Some of the characters very nearly had charisma. I did like Bigby Wolf having to put up with the pig coming around and claiming favors. And I liked that Snow White was angry and independent and Prince Charming was an asshole. But somehow none of it really worked for me. I was left with the general feeling that all the elements were good in theory but just not tight in the execution. Mostly I think I didn’t love this book because the dialogue isn’t rockin and there’s nothing all that special about the art. I hav heard the other book are very different though, so maybe it’s worth giving the next one a shot.

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