Fanfare for the Future Vol. 2 Occupy Vision

Michael Albert Mark Evans

Occupy Vision makes a case for the importance of long-term vision for a participatory society. It explores and defends guiding social values emerging from centuries of human struggle for better lives.

Occupy Vision addresses economics, politics, kinship, culture, ecology, and international relations. For each of these areas it offers an alternative way of conducting life based on new guiding values and new institutional arrangements. The result is not capitalist, not 20th century socialist, not authoritarian, not sexist or heterosexist, not racist or nationalistic, not ecocidal, and not imperialist. It is, instead, in its values and its institutions: participatory economic, self managing, feminist, intercommunalist, peaceful. It is solidarity, horizontalism and self management made real.

Occupy vision applies the conceptual insights of volume one of Fanfare and intimates the strategic insights of volume three. It is minimalist in not exceeding what we can reasonably know and what we can act upon. But it is maximalist in taking seriously the need to envision enough and to do enough to liberate out planet and ourselves.

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genre Social Science » Economics
publisher Z Books
publish date 2012
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