Fanfare for the Future Vol. 3 Occupy Strategy

Michael Albert, Jessica Azulay, and David Marty

Occupy Theory developed a conceptual toolbox for thinking about existing conditions and history. Occupy Vision developed vision for a better world. Volume three of the Fanfare for the Future series considers strategy and hopes to stimulate a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of society’s hierarchies and oppressions as well as possible ideas for what a worthy society needs to embody.

Occupy Strategy addresses tactics, program, and overarching strategy relevant to attaining a participatory society. It starts from what participatory theory helps us understand about society and history and what participatory vision establishes as goals and then discusses organizing methods, issues of power and program, reform and revolution, organization, winning gains leading to more gains, internal decision making, and movement culture.

History is full of intellectual systems meant to advance social truths and guide liberating social practice, which, however, have in the past solidified into dogmas causing dead people’s minds to inhabit the hopes and dreams of the living. Hopefully participatory theory, vision and strategy can avoid such a disastrous outcome, instead always orienting towards its own continuous development and growth.

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genre Social Science » Economics
publisher Z Books
publish date 2012
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