Forming Vol. 1

Jesse Moynihan

Forming is a super-mystical epic in which Jesse Moynihan details the spawning of worlds, and the trajectory of consciousness on Earth. Volume 1 follows the trials and tribulations of primeval gods and demi-gods as they vie for control of primitive Earth’s resources.

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genre Literature and Fiction » Oversized Comics
publisher AdHouse Books
publish date August 23, 2011
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  • By David Zhang -

    Psychedelic. Funny. a twisted retelling of the creation myths of several ancient civilizations. this is book 1 of a trilogy.

  • By Future Man -

    Modern mythological origin story exploring concepts of consciousness, spirituality and colonialism.

  • By Alex Morrow -

    This one was very surprising me.

    I’m typically a pretty picky person when it comes to the visual aspects of a graphic novel, so before I had given this book a proper chance, it rubbed me the wrong way. The color scheme grated on me, and the style just seemed sort of base and unrefined. But once I’d really started getting into it, I realized that the art style was perfect for its purpose, and actually went from disliking it to loving it.

    As others have said before me, to summarize the plot, it’s a retelling of many classical creation myths. It’s also absolutely hilarious. It has my kind of vulgarity.

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