Grendel Vol. 3: Devil’s Legacy

Matt Wagner, Arnold Pander, Jacob Pander

The mind of a vigilante murderer is complex, wrought with anger and blood; it echoes through time in ancestral screams for revenge. And the cycle of death that comes from such a spirit is often endless and tragic. Such is the story of Christine Spar, adopted granddaughter of the terribly notorious, yet rich and graceful Hunter Rose, a.k.a. the original Grendel. Its the near future, and Spar takes her son, Anson, to see a kabuki show, not knowing what tragedy lies ahead. The mysterious leader of the troupe cuts a terrifying figure, cat-like and dangerous, with an odd fixation for Spar and her son. Soon Anson disappears, and Spar takes up the mantle of Grendel. So the cycle begins.

status Copy #1 (1454): in
genre Superhero » Alternative Heroes
publisher Dark Horse
publish date December 7, 2001
popularity checked out 3 time(s)


  • By Tony Flores -

    No offense to Hunter Rose, but Christine Spar is my favorite Grendel.

    The electric art by Pander Brothers enhance Christine Spar’s dystopian world of revenge.

    Recommended to any fan of Matt Wagner or the Grendel character.

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