He Mele Aloha: A Hawai’ian Songbook

Carol Wilcox, Kimo Hussey, Vicky Hollinger, Puakea Nogelmeier

He Mele Aloha: A Hawaiian Songbook is a collection of over 260 songs, listed alphabetically, about 40 of which are hapa-haole songs. It is intended to encourage the tradition of kanikapila. The emphasis is on accurate Hawaiian lyrics and translation. Simple chording and fingering for the ukulele is shown for each song. The lyrics are large for easy reading and published in a workbook format with large print and room to make notes.

Kanikapila: The word kanikapila, literally “play music,” has come to mean gathering together informally to sing and play. It was not so long ago that kanikapila was part of our daily lives in Hawai i. Over the last generation, music has moved from the garage party to the concert stage. It has become something to listen to rather than participate in. There is a sense today that singing is reserved for those who are really “good”at it. Still, many people yearn to kanikapila.

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publish date 2003
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