Heather Benjamin Zines 2009-2019

Heather Benjamin

This anthology from artist Heather Benjamin is a compilation of her illustrations of the last 10 years in all their abject, orgastic horror. A study of Benjamin’s series of “Sad People Sex” zines reads like a compulsive and irrepressable fixation on that tenuous relationship between pleasure and pain, lust and disgust: her male and female coital cast writhe in amniotic fluids, issuing silent screams as they suck dick, get fingered, projectile menstruate, and/or self-mutilate. Zines 2009-2019 is a dense survey of Benjamin’s artistic development from her punk, figurative origins as a student at RISD to her practice today as an illustrator of fantastical and design-oriented compositions.

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publisher Heather Benjamin
publish date 2019
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