Hellboy Vol. 5: Conqueror Worm

Mike Mignola

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genre Superhero » Alternative Heroes
publisher Dark Horse
publish date Feb 4, 2004
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  • By Strangely -

    Now THIS is what I’m talking about! Hellboy’s story returns to the main thrust of things in volume five and we get out first look at Lobster Johnson in the main continuity.

    This time H.B. is teamed up with Roger (The Homunculus from earlier volumes) to check out what appears to be the return of a Nazi space probe launched decades earlier. Along the way he encounters the wacky badass Lobster Johnson from a generation earlier as well as some shape-shifting alien assassins, a cyborg Gorilla and of course Nazis!

    This is by far the most fun outing with Hellboy yet, and it feels like Mignola has finally locked in all the elements. We finally get some really great discussions of what it means to be a person, as Hellboy stands up to his bosses on behalf of Roger, eventually leaving the bureau as a result. This is Hellboy finally and truly embracing his humanity to the point that he’s actually pointing an accusing finger back at the rest of us and making us really question just exactly what that means.

    Grigori shows up unexpectedly as does everyone’s favorite Russian witch-queen and the results are awesome as you’d expect. Not only that but the titular Conqueror Worm is loads of fun, and for once H.B. isn’t the one delivering the Coup de Grace, which is a nice change of pace.

    Also back is the Psychotic Nazi head-in-a-jar and this time he’s got a body, so there is again, much more fun to be had. The shock belt sequence about half-way through the adventure is probably one of the most enjoyable “you know Hellboy will break out soon and lay the hurt down” sequences of the entire series thus far.

    This book is a fine example of what Hellboy stories can be, packed with humour, thrills and some truly touching moments of introspection. I can’t recommend this one highly enough, read it, thank me, read more, the dark days are coming for H.B. and I’m along for the ride!

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