Hippie Modernism The Struggle for Utopia

Andrew Blauvelt

Commentary and art installations based around utopianism and the Hippy movement.

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genre Art » Art History
publisher Walker Art Center
publish date 2015
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  • By Bill Svoboda -

    “Hippie”, and to a lesser extent, “Modernist” are both pejorative terms- moreover, they are somewhat mutually exclusive- but I guess this contradiction is part of the appeal of this particular “brand”. Not being an expert in either brands , graphic arts or museum curation/art world politics, this book was puzzling to me. But apparently this brand has some real economic value in that it has already been picked up by the world of high fashion, as well as causing a nice buzz in art circles. It just seems foreign and rather arbitrary -a catchy and certifiably saleable idea which lacks cohesion and probably makes a lot more sense to a graphic designer than to someone trying to radically restructure our dysfunctional society. I found some interesting things in this hodge-podge , but to me, (a “hippie utopianist”) the whole was less than the sum of the parts.

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