How to Be Happy

Eleanor Davis

Eleanor Davis is an award winning illustrator with a client list including The New Yorker, Fantagraphics Books, Nobrow Press, Lucky Peach, and The Guardian. How to be Happy is her first collection of graphic/literary short stories. Much of the work collected here has previously appeared in MOME, Nobrow, or has been self-published online. Davis achieves a rare, subtle poignancy in her narratives that are at once compelling and elusive, pregnant with mystery and a deeply satisfying emotional resonance. She works in many different styles – sketchy drawing, polished pen and ink line work, and meticulously designed full color painted panels – but its always in the service of a narrative that builds to a quietly devastating climax. Full color with 48 black and white pages.

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genre Literature and Fiction ยป General Literature
publisher Fantagraphics
publish date August 28, 2014
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  • By Kryssanne Adams -

    Beautifully drawn and adorable! How to be Happy is a series of comic strips using a slew of mostly unnamed characters in various unrelated settings. Most of these short stories involve navigating sadness, grief, and change.

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