How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Andreas Malm

Andreas Malm’s lyrical manifesto makes an impassioned call for the climate movement to escalate its tactics in the face of ecological collapse. We need to force fossil fuel extraction to stop — with our bodies and our actions — by disabling or destroying its tools. In short, we need to start blowing up some oil pipelines.
Offering a counter-history of mass political movements, from the democratic revolutions that have overthrown dictators to the anti-apartheid struggle and the suffragists, Malm argues that the strategic acceptance of property destruction and violence has been the only route for revolutionary change. In a braided narrative that moves from the forests of Germany and Extinction Rebellion actions in London to the deserts of Iraq, Malm offers us an incisive discussion of the politics and ethics of pacifism and violence, democracy and social change, strategy and tactics, and a movement compelled by both the heart and the mind. here is how we fight in a world on fire.

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genre Activism and Human Rights ยป Activism
publisher Verso
publish date 2021
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