Howl and Other Poems

Allen Ginsberg

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genre Literature and Fiction ยป Beat Generation
publisher City Lights Publishers
publish date January 1, 2001
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  • By Nick Vassallo -

    True soul and poetry, Howl is Ginsberg’s famous sounding point that cried out “truth!” to a loaded audience of fellow writers and so called beats and rough lifers in Frisco. I read it in a poetry class in high school and immediately felt like I could see and feel his point of view and like I knew how his brain worked, like a long lost friend, the way he inspiredly streamed out all of his observations of life and friends and the country and just existence at large was like how I imagined every human I’d relate to feels when in a revved up corner of clarity feeling life’s crackling spark and feeling like, “man, I’ve just GOT to express this!!” And what beautiful expressions they are. There should be a Ginsberg temperature taker for every generation, someone who can really speak to and get at the feeling of a point in time. A good spiritual guide too, makes you feel like there’s power in the fearlessness to speak your mind about something that you know really matters. Amen, angel-headed Allen!

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