If They Come in the Morning… Voices of Resistance

Angela Y. Davis, George Jackson, Bobby Seale, Ruchell Magee, James Baldwin, Fleeta Drumgo, John Clutchette, Julian Bond, Huey P. Newton, Erika Huggins, Bettina Aptheker

One of America’s most historic political trials is undoubtedly that of Angela Davis. Opening with a letter from James Baldwin to Davis, and including contributions from numerous radicals such as Black Panthers George Jackson, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale and Erica Huggins, this book is not only an account of Davis’s incarceration and the struggles surrounding it, but also perhaps the most comprehensive and thorough analysis of the prison system of the United State.

Since the book was written, the carceral system in the US has seen unprecedented growth, with more of America’s black population behind bars than ever before. The scathing analysis of the role of prison and the policing of black populations offered by Davis and her comrades in this astonishing volume remains as pertinent today as the day it was first published.`

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genre Social Science » Law and Criminology
publisher Versi
publish date 2016
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