In God We Trust


Five years after the magnificent Pinocchio ,Winshluss returns with the hilarious In God We Trust. His multi-levelled retelling of the Bible revises the founding myths of the holy book. We are guided through the maze of the Old and New Testament by St. Franky, with a nose like a strawberry from drinking altar wine and a sceptical attitude. With him, we visit the scenes of Scripture and believe it or not, this is not what we thought! God looks like a retired biker and is a shy and alcoholic seducer, Jesus had a punk phase, Mary is naive and lonely…

From the comic book parody (God VS. Superman) to the adulterous tragedy, through the story of creation and a study of the disappearance of the dinosaurs to the mystery of the resurrection, the density of the book will leave the reader no respite from the horrors suffered by an inept and inconsistent humanity and the acts of an apathetic, drunk and jaded divine power. A true spiritual journey, In God We Trust seems like a great epic in which the drawing ranges from the majestic to comic strips, prints, watercolours and hilarious false advertising. Absurd and provocative, this rereading of well known biblical characters is a huge lot of fun.

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genre Humor and Satire » General Humor
publisher Knockabout
publish date 2015
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