Sean Deitrich

Industriacide is the story of the adverse effects of industry on society and the mental ramifications it induces. Through the eyes of three smain kids and a hallucinated teddy bear, our story focuses mainly on Schmaltz our main character trying t put his life back together after escaping from an experimental hospital, Jake, Schmaltz’s replica, who is drug obsessed and constantly at odds with his hallucinated friend and teddy bear Ernie, and Natalie the girl who inherits a huge factory capable of producing two-thirds of the nation’s electronics, and which holds a torturous past. As the story progresses each child must face everything the outside world can throw at them as well as deal with all their psychological anguish as it slowly seeps into the outside world.

status Copy #1 (184): in
genre Horror
publisher Rorschach Entertainment
publish date 2002
popularity checked out 8 time(s)

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