Invisible Cities

Italo Calvino

A heartbreakingly beautiful book that will take you on a journey beyond your imagination and deep into your heart. This book is a favorite of Strangely and Ariel of Bellingham’s Capistrano Circus! Imaginary conversations between Marco Polo and his host, the Chinese ruler Kublai Khan, conjure up cities of magical times. “Of all tasks, describing the contents of a book is the most difficult and in the case of a marvelous invention like Invisible Cities, perfectly irrelevant” (Gore Vidal). Translated by William Weaver.

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genre Literature and Fiction » Magical Realism
publisher Harcourt Brace
publish date 1972
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  • By Strangely -

    This lovely little book is framed as Marco Polo telling stories of his travels to Qublai Kahn. At the aging king’s request Marco details the fantastical places he has seen, and yet we quickly get the picture that these are not real cities at all.

    Vast landscapes of dream and emotion are painted by Calvino in the short chapters of this book, as one after another we visit places that exist, not so much in reality as they do in our own hearts.

    This will only take you about two hours to read, and you’ll instantly want to read it again. Better yet, read it aloud!

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