Is There a Soul?

Madeline McNeill

Madeline McNeill applies an awareness of core muscle posturing learned in classical operatic vocal training to the realm of philosophy. The result is a new branch of philosophy which she has dubbed “body philosophy.” In Madeline’s work in body philosphy, the core muscles are recognized “as active and sensory components of human experience.” She rejects the idea that mind, body and spirit are distinct parts of a person that can be understood separately, and argues instead that the body is fundamental and identical with the self. (paraphrased and quoted from

“This book takes a modern slant on the form and philosophizing of ancient Greek dialogues. Instead of two men thinking abstractly, here, two women feel, using the body’s musculature as the landscape for answering existential and philosophical questions. These women, a teacher and student, construct a two-sided conversation, exploring inner experience using trained muscle awareness.”

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