Jhonen Vasquez, J. Goldberg

Barely conscious and muttering to himself, Jhonen Vasquez grabbed a fishbone and scrawled on the side of a cat out a series of surrealist scripts never meant to be read by anyone. Two thousand miles away, J.R. Goldberg hears these very scripts whispered into her sleep by her pet ferret, devoid of any real direction beyond the dialog. Goldberg awakens to find that she has illustarted these scenes. In Jellyfist, two artists battle with interpretation, however absurd the intent or outcome, with running commentary from the creators on just how wrong or right it’s all gone. The first book published as a result of ferret-aided, carved-kitten-transmitted telepathy, Jellyfist’s collection of highly important nonsense just might change your opinion of almost all known things. This full color comic has production values and bindings far beyond what the content would seem to dictate.

status Copy #1 (1428): in
genre Horror
publisher Slave Labor Graphics
publish date October 1, 2007
popularity checked out 2 time(s)


  • By Kryss Adams -

    Several of the drawings in this book are hilarious, but overall it’s one big self-indulgent inside joke. Vasquez writes vague stories, then Goldberg illustrates them resulting in numerous incoherent stories that are too random to be entertaining. On the sides of each comic, Vasquez takes advantage of the space to talk about himself.

    I don’t know what else I was expecting.

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