Kids of Lower Utopia Vol. 6 No. 1 : Of Softdoor Scout Finnagain and Daffodil Dash Eleven

Toc Fetch

This is a portrait of a child prodigy; a prodigy not ofthe intellect but of the heart.
Some are born into a talent for witnessing their Dreams, for being Awake inside their own Dreams. Some kids today are born as shamans, but shamans without a tradition, tribal Dreamers without a tribe, natural Animists in an age blind to the effulgence of life.
This is the contemporary story of a 10-year old girl living in the Catskill Mountains who has a talent for Dreaming. This is a story about A Story in which our young Dreamer draw her more worldly friend closer to the Inner world through the echoes of ritual, and into the old religion of Dreaming.

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genre Literature and Fiction » Magical Realism
publisher Self Published
publish date 2007
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  • By Jasmine (Jammys) Chang -

    The art’s absolutely stunning, as is the story content. Mystical & mind-altering, this book reminds one of what is was like to be a child & sense magic glistening in everything. The dialogue reads like poetry, and the ideas and questions the story provokes will stick with you.

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