Madman Atomica (Oversized)

Mike Allred

Madman Atomica! This is the big one! Hugemongous! With 50’s pop sensibilities and perfect cartoon wackyness, Madman is the ultimate in superhero pulp turned absurdist art. This over-sized hardcover collection contains the complete Madman Atomic Comics series, The Atomics series, and the many now-out-of-print one-shots, plus a huge pile of extras, pin-ups, and rarities! Collects Madman Atomic Comics #1-18, The Atomics #1-16, Madman King-Sized Super Groovy Special, and the It Girl and Mr. Gum One-Shots.

status Copy #1 (3646): in
genre Superhero » Alternative Heroes
publisher Image Comics
publish date Apr 19, 2011
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