Magick: In Theory and Practice

Aleister Crowley

This is Crowley’s Magnum Opus, a vast treasure house of knowledge, hailed as the greatest book ever written on the subject of Magick. The keys to the various storerooms may gradually be won as the seeker proceeds through the labyrinth maze with courage, dedication and purity. Fitted to its appropriate lock, each key unfolds a panoramic vista of intelligence and awareness within the student.
This is the ultimate textbook in the college of the holy spirit. It was written for those whose true will guides them in the specific path of attainment Crowley described by the word MAGICK. He defined Magick as the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will, and intended the principles of this book to be valid for every man and every woman, from the politician and business person to the artist and housewife.

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publish date 1990
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