Mammoths of the Great Plains

Eleanor Arnason

Shaggy herds of mammoths still roam the Great Plains—to the delight of President Thomas Jefferson—in this imaginative alternative history in which the beasts thunder over the grasslands as living symbols of the oncoming struggle between the Native peoples and the European invaders. This unforgettable saga soars from the Badlands of the Dakota Territory to the icy wastes of Siberia, from the Russian Revolution to the American Indian Movement protests of the 1960s and one woman’s attempt to harness DNA science to fulfill the ancient promises of her Lakota heritage. In addition, this volume includes the essay “Writing During World War Three,” a politically incorrect take on multiculturalism from a science fiction point of view and an outspoken interview with the writer of some of today’s edgiest and most uncompromising speculative fiction.

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genre Literature and Fiction » Historical Fiction
publisher PM Press
publish date 2010
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  • By Bill Svoboda -

    Another winner from PM Press’s “Outspoken Authors” series. This has the same basic format as “The Lucky Strike Plus”- (Alternate History, Essay, Interview.)
    Ursula LeGuin gave “Mammoths Of The Great Plains” a big thumbs up. I just wish there could have been more mammoths-and that this was a real history instead of an alternate one.

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