Maze: Solve the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle

Christopher Manson

MAZE: Solve the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle (1985, Henry Holt and Company) is a puzzle book written and illustrated by Christopher Manson. The book was originally published as part of a contest to win $10,000.

Unlike other puzzle books, each page is involved in solving the book’s riddle. Specifically, each page represents a room or space in a hypothetical house, and each room leads to other “rooms” in this “house.” Part of the puzzle involves reaching the center of the house, Room #45 (which is page 45 in the book), and back to Room #1 in only sixteen steps. Some rooms lead to circuitous loops; others lead nowhere. This gives the puzzle the feel of a maze or labyrinth.

The book was adapted as the computer game Riddle of the Maze in 1994 by Interplay. This version featured full color illustrations and voice-overs for the narrator.[1]

The contest has been void since 1987, but the book may still be purchased (ISBN 0-8050-1088-2)

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publisher Henry Holt and Compnay
publish date 1985
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