Midlife Queer

Martin Duberman

With searing self-appraisal and a keen sense of the world around him, acclaimed writer and gay activist Martin Duberman examines a wide range of issues in his personal and professional life and in the politics of the time from 1971 to 1981—from the early years of gay liberation to the first public reports of AIDS.
Duberman moves from the internecine battles in the academic world and within the budding gay rights movement to his own heart attack, sexual and romantic adventures, and search for fulfillment through new therapies and the world of theater. Peppered with gossip, wit, and tart observations of the New York theater and literary worlds, Midlife Queer stands as both a fascinating memoir and a record of an era.

status Lost
genre Sex & Gender » Gender Studies
publisher Scribner
publish date 1996
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