Mind Magic

Bill Harvey

Fusion of Western psychology & Eastern philosophy designed to expand consciousness by deblocking communication between the left and right brain hemispheres.

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genre Magic » Chaos Magic
publisher Unlimited Publishing
publish date 1976
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  • By Matthew Gilmore -

    I’m only about 60% of the way through this book and I can already say that this is a piece of literature I’ve been looking for my whole life. I don’t know what lead Bill Harvey to write this book, and I can certainly say it was not any knowledge of me or my personal problems, but as I read through these pages I feel both a familiarity and aversion to the things being said at the same time. In keeping with the theme of the book, I’m not going to give it a premature full review while still in the thick of the transformative thinking it is inspiring, but admittedly I also need a single point so I can test out voting functionality on the main page. I look forward to being able to provide a more thorough review of this book once I am done with it, as well as peruse more of the chaos magic section, as I’m so terribly excited to keep learning about my brain and how to decouple it from the stream of consensus consciousness I’ve been spending my whole life stressing about how to fit myself tidily into.

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