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Dean Motter, Jaime Hernandez, Seth, Bill Sienkiewicz

When Mister X hit the shelves twenty-five years ago, no one had ever seen anything like it – a fusion of film noir, Art Deco, and German Expressionism channeled through the talents of the greatest up-and-coming artists of the day. The story of a utopian city with architecture that drove its inhabitants mad and the never-sleeping architect who quested tirelessly for a cure, Mister X captivated a generation of comics fans and creators, transforming the landscape of their chosen medium forever. Still as inspiring and compelling as the first time it saw print, the entire run of Mister X written by Dean Motter gets the deluxe treatment in this volume, every page of its groundbreaking artwork painstakingly restored.

status Copy #1 (1882): in
genre Sci-Fi
publisher Dark Horse
publish date December 3, 2008
popularity checked out 7 time(s)

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