Moth Moon

Matt Jasper

“The Roman poet Petronius once avowed that, considered rightly, there is shipwreck everywhere. In MOTH MOON, Matt Jasper goes farther still, proving time and again that shipwreck is a treasure unto itself, a perfect emerald before and after all mishap. Here, vision is rewarded with new eyes, and I am grateful for the news”–Donald Revell. “You should appreciate his work so he doesn’t feel sad or kill people or start a new country and cause genocide”–Tao Lin. “I like Jasper’s poems. The short poem ‘Flight,’ for example, is a little miracle in the way that it allows me to see through the words into a wordless and darkly ecstatic experience”–Franz Wright.

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genre Literature and Fiction » Poetry
publisher BlazeVOX Books
publish date 2009
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