Mould Map 3

Leon Sadler, Hugh Frost, Simon Hanselmann, Yuichi Yokoyama, Aidan Koch

Mould Map is a Comics & Narrative Art anthology series, with a focus on precise editing and art direction paired with high material production values. A space for Challenging New Work.

Mould Map 3 — An exploration of the ways in which network technologies mediate our experience of each other and our surroundings.

status Copy #1 (6622): in
genre Literature and Fiction » Anthology
publisher Landfill Editions
publish date January 2014
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  • By Future Man -
  • By Nick Vassallo -

    My introduction to the library! The first book I ever picked up here, and it’s magic. Still the coolest designed thing I’ve found in the lib; it feels like it was compiled and generated in some sort of alien art ship and then deposited via satellite ray to Earth. A mind-expanding warp into the world of graphic novels via an eclectic array of different artists, and wrapped together with a wonderful essay at the end. Take a night or two to really sit down and pour into this bad dad. It gives it back in spades. A joyful package of work and design! I give it a futuristic two thumbs up! Or five stars, or whatever the hell system we use around here.

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