Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity TPB

Brandon Graham

Sexica and her Werewolf boyfriend Nikoli travel across a sci-fi, fantasy Russia smoking singing cigarettes. Meanwhile the organ hunter, Nura is sent out with a severed head and instructions to find its body.

status checked out
genre Sci-Fi
publisher Image Comics
publish date 2012
popularity checked out 12 time(s)


  • By Future Man -

    Brandon Graham ROCKS! This is my favorite of his comics, great punny humor and the art is just fantastic. I love his color palette and it’s great to finally see a book printed with more color pages. The story is kind of ridiculous, but at the same time it’s all so charming. There are some older comics with the same characters that are collected here which seem immature by comparison to the newer pieces. It’s great to see an artist evolve in their technique and storytelling ability, definitely looking forward to reading more of this stuff.

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